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Baahubali Is Tamil Film: National Media Insults

Baahubali 2 is a Tamil film?

“Original in Tamil, dubbed in Hindi, Telegu & Kannada as well” is what the sub-text for the “Baahubali 2” debate program on a big National News television read (you could notice in the picture). And that line immediately sets the blood of Telugu people boiling while the sub-editors at the newsroom simply enjoy their brilliance.
From writing the name of Telugu as Telegu to calling Baahubali 2 as a dubbed Telugu movie, somehow these National Journalists lack the discipline to recheck the facts about such a big budgeted flick that is being considered as Pride and Honour of Indian Cinema. And that too when those channels that claim their position as top influencing media in the country, it’s sad that they influence in a wrong way like this.

And from then, though the debate went on to praise the director and also actors in the movie, it’s high time that National Media recognises Rajamouli and Baahubali solely belong to Telugu native. Though National Media and Delhi thrones never looked at Telugu industry and films so compassionately, there are in a hurry to claim Baahubali as Pride of Indian Cinema, as they don’t want to leave any opportunity to grab some fame through this movie.

“When Rajamouli was conferred Padma Sri award through the recommendation from Kannada folks, what’s that greatness Telugu people want to claim? That’s a small mistake by a news channel” quipped a Tamil industry technician working in the post-production house of a big Telugu star, however.

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