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OMG: Bus and a car trapped in a sinkhole!!


Today, around 1:30 pm, there was huge crater was formed in the Anna Salai Road, also known as Mount Road, in Chennai.

As the road caved in, a Honda City car and a City Bus were stuck in the crater . Initially there were people on the bus but were able to escape uninjured after the bus driver alerted them.
After the incident, the Metro rail work in the area had been suspended temporarily as it is suspected that the road must have caved in because of the rail work.

25 passengers travelling in a bus had a narrow escape as a road in Chennai caved in suddenly creating a sinkhole. A portion of Anna Salai, one of the busiest roads in Chennai caved in on Sunday causing damage to a bus and a car. While many sustained injuries in the accident that was caused by the road caving in, everyone was rescued immediately.

A portion of Anna Salai that houses the American consulate in Chennai gave way making it the latest addition to the list of caving in incidents that Chennai has witnessed since last year. The incident is said to have taken place near Gemini bride where metro construction is underway.

The finance Minister of Tamil Nadu, D JayaKumar, has visited the spot and talking to the reporters, he said, “This is the first time such an accident has happened in Chennai though metro rail work has been going on since 2009. We will use this as a learning experience and all precautions will be taken to prevent such incidents.”

Later, with the help of cranes, the city bus and car were removed from the road crater.

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