Vinayaka Nimajjanam 2015 Special Focus

Trump strikes back with new policy

After the federal judge in United States blocked Donald Trump’s executive order to ban travelers from Muslim-populated nations last month, the American president has come back with a fresh immigration policy to throw a shocker at those countries.

According to the recent policy which was signed yesterday, America will stop immigrants coming from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libiya and Somaliya – leaving out Iraq from the previously banned list. Releasing the new revised order, Trump said ‘critical examination will be put in place and it is already in place in many parts of country.’

These orders will come into effect from 16th March and will be place for next 90 days. Also, the US refuges Admissions program has been suspended for next 120 days during the review process of screening is undertaken. When it resumes, only 50,000 refugees will be permitted in fiscal 2017.

After breathing a sigh of relief soon after US judge delivered a shock to Donald Trump, the travelers and employees working will again re-consider their travel and home-going plans. As per new immigration policy, green card holders and dual citizens won’t be denied entry.

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