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Super Craze For Trump’s Car

A car used by United States president Donald Trump apparently drew immense craze and money when it has been put up for an auction recently. After Trump used his Ferrari F430 car for almost 4 years, Auction America sold it for nearly 2,70,000 at an event in Florida.
Usually, an F430 attracts an asking price between USD 1,25000 to USD 1,75,000. But, since it belongs to the most-craziest president of United States of America, a person coughed up such huge money to own it up. And, auctioneers didn’t disclose his name for some reasons.

The red-colored 2007-model Ferrari car, which is not in production currently, has been moved over to new owner with a mileage of 6000 miles on it. The automatic transmission car which has insurance by Hagerty is said to be in a good condition with optimal equipment.

Earlier this year, Trump’s series Cadillac Limousine went for auctioning which he used in the year 1988.

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