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Srinivas’s Wife Shared An Emotional Message

Sunayana Dumala, wife of Srinivas Kuchibhotla who was killed in Olathe, Kansas on Feb 22 in an apparent hate crime, has shared an emotional message on Facebook in order to share a few details about her deceased husband and also to thank all the people who have shown concern for her.

Kuchibhotla’s funeral rites were performed in Hyderabad on Tuesday. In a late Tuesday night Facebook post, Sunayana announced her decision of returning to Olathe.

After returning to Olathe, Sunayana wants to meet Ian Grillot, the man who got injured while trying to save Kuchibhotla. “Thanks for having the courage and trying in whatever way possible to save my husband. When I am back in Olathe, I would like to meet you personally. I hope you get well soon,” she wrote.

Recalling what happened on that tragic day, Sunayana wrote: “When police came to our house that night and gave me the news of my husband’s life being taken away by a random shooter, I could not believe their words, it was so surreal. I asked them repeatedly, “Are you sure?”, “Are you telling the truth?”, “Did you see the man you are talking about?”, “Can you show me a picture to identify?”, “Is the man that you are talking about 6′ 2”?” They were just nodding their heads saying yes.

Sunayana said her husband was always worried about immigration policies. “He followed them very closely over the internet. There were days when he used to talk about how it’s been quite a few years since we applied for our permanent residency card,” she said.

Just days before the fateful incident, Kuchibhotla and Sunayana went to see a doctor as they were planning a child.

“I am writing this as it sinks in to me that this dream of ours is now shattered. I really wish we had a child of our own in whom I could at least see Srinivas and make him like Srinu,” she wrote.

“I’m still trying to digest the fact that in one evening I became a widow from a wife,” Sunayana wrote.

Sunayana thanked the authorities, concerned departments, police personnel, TS government and all others for trying to alleviate her lose. She also mentioned about how the couple was used to be compared with Big B and Jaya, given the similarities in heights, and she also recollected how big a fan her husband was of SRK.

In the end, she questioned what the govt would do to stop the hate crimes against imigrants. She also asked the one question that must be lingering in the mind of every immigrant, ‘Are we safe in the country where we dreamed of living in’?.