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Few Excerpts: Pawan Kalyan’s Emotional Speech

At any filmy event- be it his own function or others- actor Pawan Kalyan is very less-spoken and hardly delivers a speech for more than 5 minutes. But, he has stunned everyone by speaking close to 25 minutes at the pre-release event of Katamarayudu, which is officially scheduled to release on March 24th.

Speaking to galore of audience towards end of function, the actor turned politico has almost delivered an emotional speech – briefing about his 20-years of career and how his films were part of the journey.

The 45-year old actor, after launching the audio CD, started speech by sharing how his wonderful friendship with Trivikram started off. ‘Trivikram worked an assistant to my first film and I still remember a dialogue penned by him,’ said Pawan.

Let us look into few excerpts from his long speech:

‘Although I never intended to become a film actor, I ended up here. But, I honestly put all my efforts into acting and deliver my best.’

‘While was doing Suswagatham, I had to cry for a scene where my father dies. But I almost struggled for 40 times to get it right. Since I’d cried my heart out by assuming how it would it be if my father really dies, I couldn’t shed tears when my father departed during Jalsa time.’

‘I still suffer the pain in my fingers, which were crushed under cars during my film – as part of martial arts stunt. I vehemently did it out of curiosity to pay back my fans.’

‘I worked real hard for Thammudu, where I wanted to display that no one can stop our growth and intendedly, I used I’m a traveling soldier song.’

‘Never ever I wish carry arrogance/head weight but always, I try to stay as ground as I can and only help my thoughts grow larger.’

‘A day prior to release of premier Kushi, I had a bad premonition which hinted me that I would face a very rough patch in coming years. Only while shooting for Gabbar Singh (2012), I felt god had again blessed me.’

‘I always go ahead in life with my father’s words in mind – ‘everyone in world are equal, regardless of rich & poor.’

‘We do every film with hard work to deliver entertainment and I don’t like to promote my films. If you like the film, watch and enjoy this film. If you don’t like it, I am ready to accept the result.’

‘For the first time, I did an elder brother’s role and I enjoyed working with these young actors- Ajay, Krishna Chaitanya, Kamal Kamaraj and Siva Balaji’

And Kalyan finished off his speech by offering gratitudes to the entire cast and crew of Katamarayudu.

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