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Only Five For Draupadi, Fifty For Director

K viswanath

Other day Indian government has conferred Dadasaheb Phalke Award to Telugu director K Viswanath whose films have won National Awards five times and the content of those movies always reeled around social issues.

Sharing his thoughts about winning this prestigious award, K Viswanath says, “I’m lucky”. Of course, every award winner feels the same but there is more hard work behind such achievement. He adds, “I felt like that Lord Kasi Viswanath has come to offer another of his golden ox (Nandi) to me”.

Viswanath has no regrets about getting the award little late and he points out in return, “75 will not come directly after 73, there is 74 in between. So you will get what you have to when the time is right”. However, he revealed that he isn’t satisfied as a director yet. “I can’t sit at home thinking that I’ve made Sankarabaranam, the journey must go on. But I don’t consider this journey as doing some great contribution to arts and culture. I’ve done my job in a responsible way without unfollowing ethics”. How modest he is!!

Talking about present generation filmmakers, Viswanath avers, “They are undergoing through huge pressure. A huge set of husbands needs to be satisfied by these directors. While Draupadi has 5 husbands, these youngsters have 50 of them on their shoulders, giving ideas, throwing challenges and creating hurdles”.

Signing off, Viswanath stated that he will continue his journey as an actor rather director. “I don’t want to spoil the name K Viswanath”, he puts in a better way.

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