Yuvaragam – Special Chit Chat with Singer Pranavi

Bhargavi's Yuvaragam-chit chat with Pranavi

Yuvaragam - Singer Pranavi Special Show
Yuvaragam – Singer Pranavi Special Show
Hit Here, Washout There!

Venky’s Guru might have got a decent run in the multiplexes in the domestic market. However, in a strange and contrary situation, the film has turned out to be a major debacle in the US Box Office. Despite positive reviews, the film failed to fare well in the US. This has come as a shocker to even filmmakers as the film is mainly aimed at A centre and US audiences. While it’s doing well in multiplexes locally, trade reports say that the film is a complete washout in the United States.
The film has got a mere Rs 0.27 Crore share in the first weekend and it has to go a long way to reach break-even. It’s estimated that the US distributors would lose nothing less than a half crore at the US Box Office. The publicity and advertising spends are additional.

The film, a sports drama, failed to impress the overseas crowds. While the film’s okay in bits and parts, it couldn’t appeal on the whole.

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