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Mega Fans, You’re Spoiling The Show!

Ramcharan mobbed

Currently, Ram Charan is shooting for his upcoming film in Sukumar’s direction at various location in Godavari districts.

Today he moved to Kolleru region for shooting for the next couple of days. But when he tried to move from Rajahmundry, a huge wave of fans actually stormed the actor and it took some time for him to leave. And tomorrow, a similar situation might repeat at Kolleru too.

Actually, the show is being spoiled by mega fans only. Though rather there is no wrong in coming and meeting Charan, but mobbing is wrong. This is happening due to excessive sharing of information.

On the other some people in the fans groups started circulating messages that Charan is moving to Kolleru for next three days and no one should unnecessarily visit the sets and disturb him.

With that information passed today, fans mobbed him when he’s exiting Rajahmundry hotel as they know that Charan is going to another location for 3 days. In case if the mega biggies don’t want fans to mob, then it’s better to keep silent rather sharing messages about shooting’s whereabouts and asking everyone to keep silent.

Definitely mega fan heads should either stop sharing information or they should stop crying foul about the mobbing.

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