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Baahubali-2 Clips Circulating On WhatsApp

Baahubali-2 Clips Circulating On WhatsApp

Currently, the biggest shocker to anyone who’s heavily interested in Baahubali 2 are the piracy clips that are circulating on the web. What sounded like dead blow is the leakage of parts of the film on social media.

Actually, one clip is being circulated as an Interval Bang of Baahubali 2 and that’s a fake one. It happens to be an ad of heroine Ramya Krishna wherein she features as Sivagami and speaking to scientists to give best pesticide and seeds for farmers. That happens to be an ad that has come a year ago. But the real shocker is from the second clip.

Those who have taken a note of the video are saying that it’s a Tamil version clip that lasts for two minutes and there are English subtitles coming out on the screen. Some shared that it happens to be a theatre abroad where someone recorded this on their mobile. But what will be more threatening is it just a 2-minute clip or 2 hours 51 minutes film that got pirates got hands on.

It’s better if people avoid this piracy stuff and watch The Pride Of Telugu Cinema in theatres.

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