Actress Sowcar Janaki Interview – Koffee with Yamuna Kishore

Actress Sowcar Janaki Interview – Koffee with Yamuna Kishore
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Sankaramanchi Janaki popularly known as Sowkar Janaki (Shavukaru) is a south-Indian actress who has acted in over 385 Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam films. She also performed on stage in over 300 shows, and performed for TANA all over the United States in 2 Telugu plays created by actor Murali Mohan. At age 11, she was a radio artist in Telugu programs. She started her acting career when she had a three month old baby and went on to become a popular actress with hits such as Sowcar (Telugu), Pudhiya Paravai (Tamil), Iru Kodugal (Tamil). She also played lead roles with famous directors such as Dada Mirasee, K Balachandar. She is the elder daughter of T. Venkoji Rao (paper technologist (England)) and Sachi Devi.

Sowkar Janaki served as Jury member for the National Indian Films awards committee and as chair person for State Telugu Films awards committee. By 2016,her career span has overtaken most of the actors and she remains the actress with the longest career span.

In this exclusive interview She shared her interest towards gardening, cooking and helping the needy and also reveals many interesting things about the film industry.

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