Dr G Samaram Exclusive Interview – Koffee With Yamuna Kishore

Dr G Samaram Exclusive Interview – Koffee With Yamuna Kishore
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Dr G Samaram hails from the family of well known social reformers, freedom fighters and atheists Sri Gora and Smt Saraswathi Gora. He is a reputed social worker with commitment and zeal to serve the

Dr Samaram popularized medical knowledge among the common people and dispelled many superstitions. He wielded an indefatigable pen and has been author of 200 medical science books-including the Sex Science which are very popular among the youth and adults. His writings appear in dailies, weeklies and he
has given a number of Radio and TV programmes to impart medical, health as well as social education. He headed the teams to dispel the fear of banamathi(witchcraft and sorcery) in various parts of the State.

Dr Samaram is the Executive Director of Swetcha Gora Eye Bank and more than 800 Blind people got sight through this Eye Bank.he is the Chairman of ‘Gora Blood Donation & Medical Services’ a service oriented Organisation. Dr Samaram is instrumental to collect more than 80,000 units of Blood from Voluntary Blood Donors with the help of Rotary Red Cross Blood Bank. Recognizing his services for Blood Donation, the Governors of AP bestowed on him with prestigious awards for the last four consecutive years.

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