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Paisa Vasool
Paisa Vasool Movie review
Cast: Balakrishna, Shriya, Musskan Sethi, Kyra Dutt, Vikramjit, Ali, Prudhvi and othersBalakrishna, Shriya, Musskan Sethi, Kyra Dutt, Vikramjit, Ali, Prudhvi and others
Directed by: Puri Jagannadh
Produced by: V. Anand Prasad
Music by: Anup Rubens
Release Date: 2017-09-01
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Puri Jagannadh makes a strong statement that his film with Balakrishna is ‘value for money’ by naming it ‘Paisa Vasool’. Fans expected a whole new different entertainer from Balakrishna under Puri Jagan supervision, but it turned out to be a disappointing fare.

What is it about?

Indian police are after dreaded don Bob Marley (Vikramjith). They want someone to do the covert job by joining Bob’s gang. They zero in Theda Singh (Balakrishna) for the job. Theda Singh agrees to do it for a ransom, but there is something that the police don’t know. Theda Singh is after Bob Marley for different reasons.


Balakrishna’s character is targeted at masses, but he has been presented in a stylish way. Puri Jagan is known for giving stylish makeover to his heroes. Balakrishna looks extremely handsome in those stylish outfits. His body language and performance are different from his usual style. His energy in dances and entertaining dialogues will please fans.

All the female leads have limited roles. Shriya Saran shares nice chemistry with Balakrishna and their pair is good to watch. Musskan can’t act and Kyra Dutt lacks native appeal. Vikramjith character is poorly written. Ali’s comedy doesn’t click. Prudhvi tries his best to make an impact but in vain. Kabir Bedi is wasted.


Puri Jagannadh didn’t have proper script on hands. It is just another version of Pokiri story and the director is in pretty bad form that he couldn’t create any magical moments. Even his dialogues lacked the punch and vigor. It is a typical Puri Jagannadh film with foreign locales, fast cuts, glamorous heroines, energetic hero and lots of action episodes. Puri has surely run out of story ideas that he is making the same movie again and again with different actors.

Music by Anup Rubens is okey-dokey. A couple of songs are good, but the background score is bizarre. Cinematography is slick. Editing is flashy. Production values are grand.

Thumbs Up:


A couple of songs

Thumbs Down:





We cannot expect miracles from Puri Jagannadh going by his recent films and his current form. Paisa Vasool is yet another dud from the maverick director who was renowned for full-on masala entertainers. Puri once again makes a movie without a plot and tries hard to make it work. Sadly, he couldn’t even come up with single noteworthy scene or dialogue in Paisa Vasool. He is so out of touch that he couldn’t even shine as the dialogue writer.

The thin plot is heavily inspired from Puri’s blockbuster Pokiri, where the protagonist is an undercover RAW agent who is after a dreaded mafia don. Most of the scenes and characters in Paisa Vasool are a straight lift from Pokiri. Puri might have thought that he could repeat the magic of Pokiri, but all he could manage to do is a lame film sans entertainment.

The plot is so thin and the script is underworked that it is never engaging for its viewers. Balakrishna’s films are all about mass-friendly moments and surprisingly, Puri couldn’t even create one such moment. All the better dialogues are already used in the promos and there is nothing much on offer beyond that. Three female leads, a couple of comedians and a bunch of villains are present, but none of them could make an impact because of poor writing.

First half of the film is passable to an extent with Balakrishna’s entertaining antics, but the second half is a total misfire. None of the plot twists clicked leaving the film flat and dull throughout. The film has generated enough buzz to get decent opening. However, like most of Puri’s recent films, Paisa Vasool may not take much time to run out of steam at the box office. It’s high time you hire a writer sir!

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