AIB under fire again for Modi’s meme

The group All India Bakchod, which has been falling in controversies off late, is in soup again. And this time for insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mumbai cyber police registered the FIR against Tanmay Bhat who is the founder of AIB, and is probing the matter.

AIB on Friday Tweeted a picture of Modi with his doppleganger using snapchat dog filter and captioned ‘Dog filter is lyf.’ However, the meme did not go down well with many and AIB faced backlash. A Twitterati, Reetesh Maheshwari, calling it obnoxious prank filed a complaint against the comedy group.

Tanmay Bhat defended the post on the group’s website. However, they deeted the tweet containing meme of Modi after facing backlash.

The cops also received complaints against AIB over use of abusive language in the show. Hence, as per the court’s directives the cops filed FIR against the organisers of the show.

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