Burning Issue: KTR Saves KCR!

The timely intervention of KTR in Batukamma sarees issue has avoided a major controversy for Telangana government. KTR’s talkativeness and counter-attack on Opposition over issues of burning a few sarees have garnered good support.

While Opposition fumed on government over the ‘poor quality’ of sarees distributed by the government as “gift” to women of Telangana for its local festival Batukamma, KTR has strongly retaliated the ‘propaganda’ of Opposition. In fact, KTR stepped in at right time to dispel ‘negative talk’ on Batukamma sarees.

KTR also appealed to media not to get ‘carried away’ with a few posts on social media and a few ‘allegations’ of rival parties. KTR asked media to cross-check facts before coming to conclusions. Stating that over 25 Lakh sarees were distributed on first day in around 10,000 centres, he said that the problems were ‘orchestrated’ only in five or six centres.

KTR alleged that a few Congress leaders pulled sarees from a few women and burnt them as protest in some areas. If KTR had not entered on time, it would have been a major headache to the government and ’embarrassment’ to CM KCR.

KTR indeed saved KCR and his ambitious plan to distribute 1 Crore sarees for Telangana women for Batukamma! Good job KTR!

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