Drug Case: Akun Sabharwal Goes On Leave!

Akun Sabharwal, the Director of Drugs Control Administration, who is heading the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that is probing the drug scandal that has rocked Teollywood, interacted with media on Friday and clarified many things. Below are the excerpts from his revelations.

Sabharwal has made it clear that neither he nor any member of the SIT has officially revealed the names of the Telugu film celebs that are circulating in media in connection to drugs case. He however refused to comment when asked if the circulating names were present in the original list or not. ‘Revealing the names is unlawful,’ he said.

He further said that notices have been served to people from Tollywood, and that they have been summoned for only questioning. He denied the speculations of planning to arrest any Tollywood celeb. The notices were sent based on the evidences gathered by SIT and no one has been declared guilty as of now. ‘Notices meant only for questioning, and I request all the celebs to cooperate in the investigation’ he reiterated.

News is circulating in media that there is huge pressure on Sabharwal regarding this case and that he is being sent on an extempore leave for a few days in order to dilute the investigation.

When asked, Sabharwal denied having any pressure, and he stressed that he has full support from the govt. ‘My leave was sanctioned even before this case surfaced up and that I am going to my native place because of my mother’s death two months ago,’ he revealed.

‘The probe will continue even in my absence. Each celeb has been given one particular date to appear before SIT for questioning. If they neglect the notice, we will proceed legally,’ he added.

Informing that a total of 13 people related to drug racket have been arrested so far, he asked media not to sensationalize this issue and project the truth only.

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