Ex-NASA Scientist Arrested in Hyd Drug Racket

The prohibition and excise sleuths have reportedly arrested a former NASA scientist in Hyderabad on ‘Drug peddling’ charges.

Anish Dundoo, 29, is an alumnus of the prestigious Doon School in Dehradun, where children of Central Ministers and other VVIPs study. He pursued Bachelor’s degree in aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering from University of Cincinnati, US. He worked with NASA for a year before moving to Hyderabad in 2012 to start his own businesses.

The investigating officials said that Anish is currently into Bitcoin trading and other ventures, and that he had been purchasing drugs on the Darknet by paying through Bitcoins. ‘Highly qualified people like Anish indulging in narcotics peddling is a big shame,’ said an investigating officer.

Based on the cell phone data records of the 10 narcotic peddlers arrested in the past few weeks, the Special Task Force (STF) arrested Anish. During the arrest, sleuths seized 16 LSD blots and 1.2 kilo cannabis from his office in Secunderabad.

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