India Among World’s Laziest Countries

A recent study conducted by Stanford University has placed India among the laziest countries in the world.

Stanford University researchers used step-counters installed in smartphones to track the walking activity of around 700,000 people in 46 countries, India was ranked 39th. As per the study, Indians averaged 4,297 steps a day whereas the Top ranked Chinese averaged 6,880 steps a day.

With 4,774 steps on an average, the Americans also fared better than Indians. The laziest country according to the study was Indonesia, where people averaged just 3,513 steps a day.

Netizens in India have ridiculed this survey. ‘When 70% Indians live in villages, how can the survey done just in metros be valid for the entire country,’ asked one. ‘If the survey had been done in villages, India would have ranked No.1 with huge margin,’ said another Indian.

Irrespective of this survey, given a choice to walk or drive, people of this generation are preferring to drive no matter what the distance is. Considering the growing health issues, this mentality has to be changed.


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