Indian Facebook Users Overtake US Users

India outvies the US and emerges as the country with 241 million Facebook users, while the US has close to 240 million active users.

Recently, the micro-blogging website Facebook revealed that it has over two billion users around the globe.

The figures revealed by the social networking giant shows that the active users of India are growing twice as when pitted against to that of the US. In the last six months alone Indian users have gone up by 27%, while the US accounted 12% growth.

However, it is worth pondering that even though India is largest audience of FB, the social media penetration is quite low. In June, only 19% of the total users remained active on the social site.

The figures also expose the gender imbalance over the usage of social networks. Men represent three quarters of the active accounts in India. While in the US, 54% users are women.

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