Indian students die in Houston

We read news about the deadly ‘Hurricane Harvey’ that took away several lives and washed off Texas state in United States. In one of the tragic incidents, an Indian MS student Shalini Singh, who was saved from a swollen lake when the hurricane was hit, died.

Shalini, died in Houston, was pursuing her masters degree in ‘public Heath’ at Texas A&M university and she along with other Indian student Nikhil Bhatia had been to swimming last Saturday. Nikhil died in a hospital on 30th August and Shalini was in a critical condition since then. She finished her degree in Dental Surgery from ITS dental college, Noida and flew US to study masters last month.

According to a report, they’re swimming at a pool when the sudden rush of water ran towards them. Immediately, their friend alerted Bryan Police officials who rescued both of them but their efforts went in vein as both of them died. The Indian Counsel General of India in Houston has been monitoring her health time to time.

As per local community leaders, more than 15,000 Indians in Houston are affected with the hurricane.

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