There Is Nothing Wrong In Killing Ranga: YCP Reddy

The controversial comments made by YCP leader Gautham Reddy on Vangaveeti Ranga’s murder have created a stir not just in the Kapu community across AP but also in Vijayawada YCP sect.

During an interview, when asked about the murder of Ranga in the late 80s in Vijayawada, Gautham Reddy drew an analogy and said, ‘There is nothing wrong in killing Vangeveeti Ranga, if a vicious snake hides behind God’s idol after going on a killing spree, will people spare it? In similar way, any person who resorts to murder politics will end up in postmortem room only’.

The comments of this former Communist party member haven’t gone well with the followers of Ranga. Irrespective of parties, all leaders belonging to Kapu community have vehemently rebuked Reddy on his comments. Even Vijayawada Kapu leaders of YCP vent their anger at him for his controversial comments. They demanded the YCP high command to take an action against him, and latest reports suggest that Reddy was served Show Cause notice.

Meanwhile, fans of Ranga came on roads in Vijayawada and situation turned tense. Sensing a volatile political outburst, police house arrested Vangaveeti Radha, who announced to hold a press meet. Interestingly, the place chosen to hold the press meet was near to Gautham Reddy’s residence. Security was tightened at the venue and people were refrained from assembling in groups.

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