Rajamouli’s Father Apologizes to Producers

Vijayendra prasad

SS Rajamouli’s father and veteran writer Vijayendra Prasad has asked the producers of his latest film, ‘Srivalli’ to forgive him.

It is known that ‘Srivalli’ is the latest directorial of Prasad, which released last Friday to below par reception and bombed at box office.

Speaking at the post-release promotional event, Vijayendra Prasad apologized to the film’s producers for failing to shape up the film as he had envisioned it. He said that his script was sublime but his execution went awry. In order to compensate the Srivalli producers, Prasad offered his full support to them for their future projects. He praised the efforts of actors and technical team of Srivalli for putting in their sincere efforts.

It may be recalled that in one of the earlier promotional events, Rajamouli said that he didn’t had confidence in the subject but his father had immense faith in it.

The senior writer has achieved national acclaim as a writer by penning several blockbusters including Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan but whenever he attempted direction, the result somehow neither pleased him nor audience.

Movie lovers feel that the senior writer should stick to writing and deliver many more blockbusters.

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