‘Roja Drinks Half Bottle Daily

Strongly responding to YSRCP MLA Roja’s comments against the TDP government and its cabinet, Minister Ayyannapatrudu has lashed out at Roja. Condemning Roja’s severe remarks on the state cabinet in which she alleged that they are ‘drinking and taking decisions’ and ‘promoting liquor’, Ayyannapatrudu alleged that Roja drinks half bottle of liqour daily and stated that she won’t get sleep if she didn’t drink the half-bottle.

Calling her as ‘iron-leg’, Ayyannapatrudu said that TDP came into power only after she left the party. He said that YS Jagan would be behind the bars if Roja continues in YSR Congress Party.

Meanwhile, Industries Minister Amarnath Reddy too breathed fire on Roja’s comments. He asked Roja to ‘quit drinking liquor first’ before ‘preaching’. Looks like, the issue is now turning into a major political strom as both TDP and YSRCP leaders are waging war against each other.

It all began after Excise Minister allegedly stated that ‘Beer was a health drink’ that he later clarified that he was quoted so from the out of context.

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