Strong People Behind NTR’s Everything!

Though our star heroes have a great PR team each, they are no match to that of Bollywood heroes. There are limited resources here and any hero has to compromise within them to promote their film at best. But there is one PR team that excels in every part and surprises their hero each day. That PR team belongs to NTR!

Unlike other heroes public relations team, this Tarak’s team does many things that relate to him, along with movie promotions, beyond expectations. Every minute thing reaches NTR and anything that’s causing damage to his image is dealt with top priority until it comes under control.

Needless to say that the success enjoyed by NTR with Bigg Boss show and fame for his role as host is gained not just with his talent and spontaneity alone, but the brains of his PR team too.

This sharp team of Tarak never delays in conveying the public pulse to the hero and they work towards how his words and acts relate to the audience minds. Recently, during a promotional interview for Jai Lava Kusa, NTR spoke about his involvement to put life in ‘Jai’ role and got trolled for his unnecessary words. PR team jumped in to take care of it and now no one can find where those interview video links are gone!

Be it social media trending or his movie talk management, other heroes’ must envy on Tarak’s PR team. The constant raise in NTR stardom is unarguable and his PR team got a big share in that credit.

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