This Is How Television Sivagami Looks!!

The name “Sivagami” turned quite popular across India as people loved that character in Baahubali movie to the core. Though she’s not a warrior and not the one who played the main lead, Rajamouli etched it so well that people can’t imagine missing out that character.

Inspired by the same role, Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad etched similar one again, this time for television. With Karthika Nair featuring as Devasena, television series “Aarambh” will now reprise another Baahubali like act on the small screen. This television serial has former heroine Madhubala also playing an important role and this role is the TV version of her good friend Ramya Krishna.

As you could notice in the picture, Madhubala is playing a warrior like a role in the TV series which is a bit above Sivagami. Here she looks pretty hot in that ensemble and ferocious in her looks. But we have to see on the show if she’s playing a role with negative shades or something that has a positive outlook.

Quite upbeat about the role she’s playing, Madhoo says, “While it’s written by nature for Ramya Krishna to play Sivagami on the silver screen, I’m lucky enough to bag similar role TV. This will unleash a new me for sure”.

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